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Elements is a Specialist Automotive Management & PR Consultancy based in Essex and operating around most of the UK - We offer a different approach to the term consultancy, and focus on making sure our work with you has substance and sustainability rather than just providing a 'shot in the arm' when things aren't quite going to plan - Our objective is to bring about cultural and operational change that, once we've left, remains with your business resulting in marked and sustainable improvements.

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Rs Recruitment & Selection Recruiting new or replacement staff is not a simple task - Ordinarily you would engage one of the many recruitment agencies or place an advert in the local paper followed by one, maybe two, interviews and a job offer - Take a step back a moment - Does this approach really get the time attention and expertise it really deserves when sourcing team members or do we throw the dice all too frequently - We can support you with Management Assessment Centres and Sales Executive Recruitments events that de-risk your recruitment drive. Pm Performance Management Strategy We can work with your line management team to implement an effective PMS that will, over time, ensure that you get the very best out of your team - Using questioning techniques and template forms they will be left with a robust process to use on an ongoing basis and a set of skills that will last a career. Se Sales Event Delivery We can put together an effective prospecting event to generate appointments at times when you have the greatest need - We will work with you on the customer offer to ensure its attractiveness and then deliver the framework and action the calls via a dedicated call centre providing you with confirmed appointments at fixed times for your sales teams to convert. As part of this element we also offer specific coaching to your sales team as well as effective showroom point of sale materials to make sure your event has the maximum impact (Associate Supported Programme) Sm Social Media Strategy & Implementation Social Media has become a very fashionable thing to do of late in the motor industry but as with most types of marketing and promotion you can spend a lot of money with no outcome - We will work with your teams to put together a strategy that will enhance your brand and over time grow your customer or 'fan' base. Bd Branding Development Some of the most successful companies in the world spend huge amounts of money in developing their 'brand' to be recognizable and in synergy with their products and values - We work with you to develop a suitable and effective branding and deliver a finished article for stationary, web sites and point of sale material (Associate Supported Programme) Em Enquiry Management Process Our experience in delivering an effective culture around enquiry management has been proven in a dealership environment - This element is not about providing a technical platform on which to manage enquiries but more importantly an understanding of how to effectively manage an enquiry to a mutually acceptable outcome. Wd Web Content Development For many a website is the window through which people see us. It's therefore important to ensure that what we 'display' in our window has synergy with the experience our clients will receive when actually interacting with our business. Here we provide support in 'auditing' these elements and bring them as closely together as possible (Associate Supported Programme) At Appraisal Training for Vehicles The accurate appraisal and subsequent valuation of a part exchange motor vehicle is deal critical but in so many instances we have seen inadequate or worse still inaccurate descriptions leading to shortfalls when eventually disposed of - During this programme we develop a full understanding of the importance of accurate appraisals and more importantly how to do it. The day is supported by a look at a real life auction to demonstrate the extreme fluctuations in prices - A really fun and informative day. Us Used Car Strategising Used Cars in the franchised motor dealer have always been seen as a bit of a dark art and there is often a reliance upon the manufacturer approved scheme to drive enquiries and therefore sales - This Element implements some very simple management principles into your sales team and manager resulting in a greater focus on this incredibly important area of your business. Ms Mentoring Support (Line Managment) When somethings starts to go in a slightly different direction than we (as senior stakeholders) wished an adjustment is going to be needed - That adjustment will often require time, energy and effort and require a significant amount of research and understanding to make sure the proposed solution is going to work - Here we support not only with our significant experience in operational management but with a real understanding that sometimes people just need a third party perspective and time to think things through - It's a Win Win situation. Pr Public Relations Strategy Your Public Relations position is key but, for most, often neglected of any specific action - Here we can put together a strategy with you to raise your profile using a multitude of areas such as social media, local and national award nominations, working with the local press, activities supporting the local community and affiliations to charities and events. Tt Telephone Techniques Training It's said that there are two types of sales person, the 'Hunter' and the 'Farmer' - The Hunter waits for someone to arrive at the dealership and at the first opportunity closes a deal and moves on. The Farmer however constantly uses the phone to gently move existing and new customers along the sales funnel quietly doing deals. Here we give your Hunters some Farming training and get them to be far more productive by giving them the skills to conclude deals after they have failed to do so on an initial visit Sp Sales Process Training & Implementation The Term 'Sales Process' has been much maligned over the last few years in the retail motor industry. Our Sales Process training focuses on the customer experience delivery whilst at the same time following a well-recognised and structured path to getting a deal done. Um Used Car Marketing The marketing of used cars is something that without focus, effort and expertise can see you ending up with aged stock and huge losses - We can work with you to develop an effective and productive approach to the marketing of cars including presentation, advertising, price pointing and a few other tricks we've learnt over the years. Cs Customer Satisfaction Improvement In an industry that has been suffocated with process over the last few years it's no surprise that the customer suffers - You only have to stop for a moment and look around to see that people seem far more focused on their screen than they are on the customer in front of them to understand why and we would suggest that we have just forgot the art of talking to people…nicely - Our structured programme works to re-instil a customer centric focus with some simple exercises and behavioural modifications that will make the job more pleasant for your staff and the experience more pleasurable for your customers. Oe Outside Event Planning & Delivery Outside events are often costly, time consuming and seem to bring little in the way of 'orders' to the business - They do however do an incredible job of both overtly and subliminally building your brand and when executed well you will find people visiting your site months later saying they say your display - Here we can offer a full or partial event organisation from branding, point of sale, professional staffing, hospitality units, data capture etc. Ce Customer Engagment Strategies They say if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got - We disagree! - Engaging with our customers the same way we did 5/10/15 years ago does not take into account the massive behavioural change we have seen in how people prefer to communicate - We can look at your current practices and advise on the frequency, style and chosen media types to ensure that your communications are not being 'thrown in the bin' because they are too frequent, inappropriate or irrelevant. Fi Finance & Insurance Development Training The contribution from the F&I Streams of a Motor Dealer are now a critical point of interest - An underperforming Sales Manager, Business Manager and/or Sales Team can be the difference between a profitable dealership and a loss making one - At Elements we can facilitate through one of our expert associates a suite of training events for Sales Executives, Business Managers and Sales Managers to give a greater understanding and improve techniques to grow the returns form this important aspect of the business (Associate Supported Programme) Cr Contract Renewals for F&I Agreements The rise of PCP type agreements has provided the industry with an ever growing opportunity for contract renewals however how well do our teams structure a call to a customer coming toward the end of their contract or that have been identified as potentially having parity in their current agreement - We can provide a training event that ensures people prepare for the call and then use the correct words and phrases to move to an appointment. Fc FCA Compliance Training The fear that surrounds FCA Compliancy has driven a significant amount of spend on this area - We do not seek to take advantage of this but do want to provide you with an option to deliver, through one of our expert associates, a tailored training event that will give your teams a full and real understanding of the rigour surrounding this subject and how to avoid getting it wrong. Cp Candidate Profiling using Psychometric Tools The use of psychometric profiling in the modern day is becoming the norm certainly for senior positions - We can facilitate through one of our expert associates the undertaking of motor industry specific profiling and deliver the feedback sessions on competency profiling and behavioural alignment (Associate Supported Programme) Hs Housekeeping Standards Audit They say familiarity breeds contempt and whilst contempt may be a little harsh a word it's fair to say that working in the same place each and every day does desensitise your teams to the high standards that you wish to portray and your manufacturer partner insist upon - We have a fixed price audit visit that give you feedback (including images) on your site and how it meets the very high expectations of the retail public. Hr Human Resources & Employee Relations The subject of HR, or to give it the correct title of Human Resource Management, is a fundamental part of any modern day business. Support your staff with a good function and you will have happy, productive and loyal workers increasing your profits and improving your reputation. But how do you create that environment within your workplace?

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