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This element revolves around the support we can provide you and your team in relation to the recruitment and selection of key personnel and in particular the following roles



Sales Executives:

It’s not an unfamiliar story I’m sure so Imagine you arrive at your dealership on a Monday morning to be told by your Sales Manager that one of the sales team has resigned and is either going to work for a competitor or leaving the industry altogether. You’re reminded that he’s on a months’ notice so now begins a race to ensure you have enough resource on the floor to deliver the targets that you’re obliged to in your budget and/or sales contract with your manufacturer partner. The temptation is to find someone with “experience” and/or “a proven track record” and you need them “quickly”, so often the first port of call is the specialist automotive recruitment agents that we or our colleagues have used in the past but, if we are really honest with ourselves, how many of the names we see forwarded to us on a poorly put together CV’s are familiar? You know the same old names/faces appearing time and time again, but why is that? Possibly because they continue to fail everywhere they end up? It’s no surprise therefore that what we end up doing is making bad, knee jerk decisions and can end up with someone that although can join us quickly is not a cultural fit, eventually (if not from the start) underperforms or in the worse scenario becomes disruptive to the rest of the team. Does this sound familiar?

Operational Line Management:

A similar story here but this person has responsibility for a managing and guiding a whole team of your people so the impact of their loss has a significantly greater effect on your business than a single sales executive. If you are lucky they are on a slightly longer notice period but if not the colour is probably draining away and panic is starting to set in. This person has the “keys” to all of the specific skills that keep the department running efficiently and productively and let’s be honest as a ratio there is far less replacement line managers out there than there are sales executives, technicians, service advisers and administration staff. Solution? Yep the same as above. Call your local recruitment agent and see who they’ve got on their books. You know the same old names and faces that always pop up (sounding familiar?!). Do we need to go on?

So back to the original question, why? Clearly we all suffer some degree of attrition in our dealerships but when faced with an urgent and immediate need to replace team members in a tightly resourced dealership we regularly fail to plan and effectively recruit staff choosing the quick fix which, of course, comes with inherent risk but there is an alternative…



This is where you need to make a leap of faith and perhaps suffer some short term pain to benefit from a long term gain. Here at Elements we can provide carefully structured recruitment and assessment centres for both of these roles that will certainly give you a much more rounded and suitable choice of candidates to offer a role in your business.

Sales Executives:

Very much time to think outside the box! For this we offer a very structured and intense recruitment day comprising of a number of focused elements to test suitability to both the role and the organisation i.e. a cultural and operational potential fit. The proposition involves the generation of multiple applicants from outside of the retail motor industry. Those applicants will be sifted and invited to the event where they will begin an effective elimination process throughout a very intense day. Through a number of exercises the “pack” will be reduced to a smaller number whom, at the end of the day, will be deemed by our experience and your teams support as people that with the right training and induction will do a great job for you. Following this we can then deliver a profiling report on the individual based on the core competencies agreed by Aston University (one of the World’s best Business Schools) and the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Operational Line Managers:

We don’t need to tell you that the recruitment of the correct manager is key. Ensuring that the candidate is competent to do the role is difficult enough when you are under time pressure to fill the gap but finding a cultural fit aligned to you, his boss, as well as the team he will inherit is even more so. For these type of roles we can support in a number of areas. Firstly we can provide a more thorough and focused profiling report than we referred to above giving you a very comprehensive report on the person’s demonstrated competencies as well as character and personality. What we then offer is a structured assessment centre that includes all of the core elements you would expect and on which you can support a decision to recruit on. Following the completion of the assessment centre and prior to your offer we can provide a very detailed background check on the individual ensuring that there are no “skeletons in the cupboard” that may have a bearing on their eligibility or suitability for employment. 

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