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The Human Resources and Employee Relations function of any business are central to its culture and key to its success however because of the specialised skill sets required and the need to keep constantly up to date with legislative aspect and also abreast of the frequent regulatory changes, it is an area that often gets neglected.

The solution for those who recognise the need to keep it on the agenda is either a) employ an internal HR Specialist, which could be costly for an SME, b) sign-up to an external agency to provide you a, mainly, call centre & template binder solution or c) engage a specialist that can be a part-time (and therefore low cost) member of your management team.

Here at Elements we can offer you just the latter, which we believe makes perfect sense from both a cost and coverage point of view. Our HR/ER specialist can work with you to prepare and deliver a team building and performance managing culture throughout your business that can only lead to significant improvements in your operation. From writing and reviewing employment contracts, to guiding you through the changes with state pension contributions, to ideas and techniques to managing underperformance in a productive way, to dealing effectively with those occasional disciplinary matters that pop up, we can support you.

We wouldn’t be the first to tell you that the people you have around you are the most important asset of your business so make sure you dedicate adequate time, energy and resource to getting the best out of your team.

If you want to know more about how we can help through our CIPD qualified associate please get in touch and we’ll make an appointment to come and see you.

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